Relacart WDC-900

An indispensable piece of equipment for any conference room should be a suitable conference system. It consists of a central panel and microphones that allow you to transmit high-quality sound. Therefore, our offer could not miss Relacart devices.

Relacart WDC-900 is a digital wireless conference system. It is an ideal solution for conducting various types of debates and discussion panels in demanding locations.

This solution is ideal for public institutions, such as offices, assemblies, etc; as well as in conference rooms or business meetings.

Relacart's conference systems allow the connection of up to dozens of microphones, so they will also work well for official meetings in larger groups.

The system is available as individual components:

  • discussion system central unit, which allows voting
  • delegate desks equipped with a microphone and voting system
  • chairman's desks


This allows you to choose the right number of devices for your needs.

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Relacart WDC-900
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Wireless Central Controller Unit, Conference System WDC-900

Catalogue index: Relacart000007

14 days


Wireless Delegate Unit, Conference System WDC-900

Catalogue index: Relacart000006

14 days


Wireless Chairman Unit, Conference System WDC-900

Catalogue index: Relacart000005

14 days