Health service

We respond to the needs of a diverse group of customers, which is why you will find audio-video systems dedicated to healthcare facilities in our range.

Our range includes, among others:

- an intercom for serving patients at registration counters with glass or other barriers - thanks to an induction loop, it allows messages to be heard by hearing aid users;

- an intercom for the X-ray room, which can be used by the doctor operating the equipment to communicate with the patient - the equipment is fitted with amplifiers that prevent acoustic feedback;

-a mobile information board with templates that can display announcements, room plans or schedules.


Our range also includes induction loops for the office or hospital room where patients are housed. The equipment makes it possible for the hearing impaired to receive messages. Another solution is an induction loop for an information kiosk, self-service point or intercom, which allows integration with an existing sound source and audio amplifier.


The devices we offer are ideal for hospitals or clinics and dispensaries. They are discreet and space-saving, and stand out for their easy installation. They are ideal for healthcare facilities to improve patient care.

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Health service
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