Bodet - IP audio system - Harmonys

The Harmonys range features audio speakers, luminous flashes, microphones and products for manual or remote triggering of bells, music, messages or announcements via the IT network.

The setting up of Harmonys products is fast and easy due to the use of the existing internet network.

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Bodet - IP audio system - Harmonys
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Harmonys 907730

Harmonys Outdoor Speaker - 1 horn loudspeaker + controller

Catalogue index: BOD000006

14 days

Harmonys 907715

Trio PoE+ sounder

Catalogue index: BOD000005

14 days

Harmonys 907731

Harmonys Outdoor Speaker - 2 horn loudspeakers + controller

Catalogue index: BOD000007

14 days

Harmonys 907757

Multizone Microphone Keyboard

Catalogue index: BOD000002

14 days

Harmonys 907755

8-zone IP microphone

Catalogue index: BOD000004

14 days

Harmonys 907740

Harmonys Line POE

Catalogue index: BOD000017

14 days

Harmonys 907792

Relais IP POE IP54 - outdoor version

Catalogue index: BOD000016

14 days

Harmonys 907791

Relais IP POE DIN - indoor version

Catalogue index: BOD000015

14 days

Harmonys 907761

IP Button box extension – 4 buttons

Catalogue index: BOD000012

14 days

Harmonys 907760

IP Button Box

Catalogue index: BOD000011

14 days

Harmonys 907710

IP Indoor Sounder - wall version

Catalogue index: BOD000009

14 days

Harmonys 907720

IP Indoor Sounder - ceiling version

Catalogue index: BOD000001

14 days

Harmonys 907795

Indoor Harmonys Flash

Catalogue index: BOD000013

14 days

Harmonys 907794

Outdoor Harmonys Led Flash

Catalogue index: BOD000014

14 days