Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels - also known as sound absorbers - are panels designed to reduce noise in rooms by absorbing and dissipating sound. They are easy to install and can be adapted to different room sizes and shapes. They are made of various materials: sound-absorbing (mineral wool, foams), diffusing (wood, plywood).

Acoustic panels can be used in a variety of locations, such as conference rooms, offices, concert halls, recording studios or in homes.


The benefits of using acoustic panels:

- improved sound quality - acoustic panels help to reduce echoes and provide better sound quality by reducing reverberation time

- noise reduction - acoustic panels absorb sound, which helps to reduce noise in the room

- Improved productivity - a quiet working environment increases employee productivity and helps with concentration and stress reduction

- aesthetically pleasing - acoustic panels are available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes to match the décor of the room

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Acoustic Panels
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Acoustic panels - Rail series

Catalogue index: GAR000600

14 days

Acoustic panels - Surface series - 120 cm

Catalogue index: GAR000593

14 days