Headphones can be divided into several categories.

With regard to the construction we distinguish:

- open-ear - characterised by good quality reproduction of even the smallest details of the reproduced music. Thanks to the open construction, ventilation of the ear is ensured and even long use of the headphones is comfortable. The disadvantage of this solution is poor isolation from the surroundings;
- closed earphones, which, due to their design, are characterised by very good isolation from the surroundings. They are great for the office, travelling or in other noisy environments. Closed headphones are characterised by full bass. Due to the lack of ventilation resulting from the construction of the headphones, they can be uncomfortable during prolonged use;
- in-ear - these are headphones that are inserted into the ear canal tightly against the walls of the ear, allowing the bass frequencies to be reproduced faithfully. In addition, such a design makes the headphones fit well in the ear and do not fall out, so they are suitable for both everyday use and physical activity;
- in-ear - are headphones placed in the ear, but not as deep as in-ear. They are not as isolating from the environment as in-ear headphones. This is a good solution when you need headphones that you can take with you everywhere, fit in your pocket, but at the same time you want to keep in touch with your surroundings while listening, e.g. to hear a car coming.


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Wireless, Bluetooth, lightweight, comfortable in-ear headphones with Ø8mm speakers

Catalogue index: MTX000016

PLN257.00 net PLN316.11 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.