Sound masking systems are used for two purposes:

- to increase working comfort
- increasing the privacy of conversations.

Sound masking is the use of the hearing organ's natural ability to adapt to the environment by emitting a masking sound. The specially shaped noise, emitted by appropriately selected and positioned loudspeakers, does not draw the attention of the people in the room - their hearing adapts to the constant presence of this type of signal. At the same time, these people cease to hear some of the sounds whose level is comparable to the emitted noise - an acoustic masking effect.

Reducing the number of distracting sounds has a positive impact on employees' working comfort, increasing productivity and satisfaction. Masked sounds also include conversations carried out by co-workers. For this reason, sound masking systems are ideal for open-space offices and especially call-centres. By masking, the conversation becomes clearer for the participants and the elimination of the sounds of neighbouring conversations contributes to a sense of privacy, increasing comfort and trust. The likelihood of unauthorised people hearing the content is also reduced.

From a technical point of view, the right choice of equipment is very important. The processor-signal generator and amplifier should make it possible to create and shape the noise and to power the loudspeakers with sufficient power. The loudspeakers should provide sufficiently wide frequency response to not narrow the noise band. The number and positioning of loudspeakers is important for the uniformity of the noise level in the room; possible variations in level can cause hearing adaptation problems.

Sound masking systems require an individual approach. The price of sound masking systems depends on a number of factors, so feel free to contact our specialists to design a sound masking system for you.

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Small Office Sound Masking System, 2 zones

Catalogue index: SOF000019

14 days
PLN13,275.00 net PLN16,328.25 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Small Office Sound Masking System, 1 zone

Catalogue index: SOF000018

14 days
PLN9,449.00 net PLN11,622.27 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.