Portable rechargeable sound system

Speakers with built-in battery power, thanks to battery power, allow them to be used in places where it is not possible to plug in mains power, or when there is a need for a quick change of location. Using a portable sound system will definitely allow you to quickly disassemble and assemble the equipment.

There are high-powered speakers for outdoor use, which are additionally equipped with a microphone, radio, USB player, graphic equalizer; as well as small, homemade units. All models meet strict quality standards, which guarantees their reliable operation for many years. On a daily basis we cooperate with the largest suppliers of audio equipment, so we can offer models that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. A detailed technical specification of each device makes it easier to choose equipment tailored to specific needs and applications. In addition to exalted parameters, the speakers are also distinguished by impeccable design.

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Portable rechargeable sound system
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Portable Powerful Hi-Fi Stereo Bluetooth microSD Speaker

Catalogue index: MTX000008

14 days
PLN812.00 net PLN998.76 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Micro Size Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Catalogue index: MTX000007

14 days
PLN404.00 net PLN496.92 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Speaker with microphone, USB/SD, Bluetooth, FM, wireless microphone

Catalogue index: Liv000003

PLN998.00 net PLN1,227.54 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Speaker with microphone, USB/SD, FM, Bluetooth, wireless microphone

Catalogue index: Liv000004

PLN1,224.00 net PLN1,505.52 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.