Relays, controllers, etc.

The category includes all devices that provide the ability to control audio and video signals, and relays that allow the transmission of these signals.

An example of such a device would be a signal detector, which detects a signal and makes modifications depending on the function of the device in question.

Another device is a level controller, which allows automatic control of the volume level. Such devices are used in systems where a constant level of amplification is required.

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Relays, controllers, etc.
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Illuminated Touch-Activated Pushbutton

Catalogue index: RDL000716

7 days
PLN1,036.00 net PLN1,274.28 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Paging Sound Detector

Catalogue index: RDL000940

7 days
PLN791.00 net PLN972.93 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Remote Control for RCX-5C Room Combiner

Catalogue index: RDL000733

7 days
PLN5,437.00 net PLN6,687.51 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Remote Control for RCX-5C Room Combiner

Catalogue index: RDL000732

7 days
PLN4,947.00 net PLN6,084.81 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Automatic Level Control - Mono - Terminal block

Catalogue index: RDL000617

7 days
PLN1,918.00 net PLN2,359.14 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Manual Rmt Controlled Video Switch - 2x1 - BNC

Catalogue index: RDL000082

7 days
PLN851.00 net PLN1,046.73 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.