D6215II - Digital simultaneous interpretation system

Digital infrared speech transmission system is a system for wireless distribution of audio signals via infrared radiation. It can be used in a simultaneous interpretation system at international conferences where multiple languages are used. To enable all participants to understand the discussion, simultaneous interpreters translate the speaker's language as required. These translations are distributed throughout the conference venue, and participants select a language and listen to it through headphones.

Features of the digital system

  • The central unit has the ability to handle 4/8/12/16 channels simultaneously

  • The interpreter unit and infrared unit are combined into one device, reducing the number of devices while maintaining complete functionality

  • The system uses fully digital audio compression and modulation technology for transmission

  • The system can have up to 16 interpreter units that can be linked together

  • The interpreter unit has a built-in speaker with high quality sound transmission

  • The central unit can be equipped with up to 16 infrared panels providing a large coverage area for use in large conference venues

  • With simple system cabling, the conference room can be changed at any time

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D6215II - Digital simultaneous interpretation system
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