Interactive players

Interactive players are devices characterised by a range of possibilities and applications.

In our range, you will find audio and video players that will work in a variety of situations. Features include USB, SD, HDD, HDMI, VGA, web server, event calendar, built-in amplifier and control outputs.

In exhibitions, museums will use players connected to a motion sensor that will trigger the playback of a dedicated audio or video file. This will enable each visitor to experience the exhibition individually.

The event calendar is an interesting feature that allows a schedule to be prepared, for example at what times a particular playlist is to be played, when to switch to the radio, or when and how often to play additional messages. Players equipped with an event calendar are ideal for shops, shopping malls, etc., where the music played will be interrupted by customer announcements or relevant advertising.

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Interactive players
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Kit Mono Earphone

accessories kit for mono earphone

Catalogue index: Wav000045

14 days
PLN112.00 net PLN137.76 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Micro AMP 4/2

Amplifier for 2×2 headphone with inputs selector

Catalogue index: Wav000039

14 days
PLN1,143.00 net PLN1,405.89 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Music Player AP420

Audio player SD/USB, ethernet

Catalogue index: Wav000036

14 days
PLN2,533.00 net PLN3,115.59 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Micro AMP 1

Audio amplifier with audio processing and volume control by trigger input

Catalogue index: Wav000033

14 days
PLN1,397.00 net PLN1,718.31 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Micro AMP 2 mkll

Double amplifier for loudspeaker and headphone

Catalogue index: Wav000027

14 days
PLN952.00 net PLN1,170.96 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Contactless infrared button

Catalogue index: Wav000032

14 days
PLN335.00 net PLN412.05 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


stainless steel vandal resistant button

Catalogue index: Wav000031

14 days
PLN112.00 net PLN137.76 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Event Video Player EVP380

show control player

Catalogue index: Wav000030

PLN7,903.00 net PLN9,720.69 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

EventPlayer MKII EP230

Show control player (audio + DMX + output contact)

Catalogue index: Wav000029

PLN4,380.00 net PLN5,387.40 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Video player

Catalogue index: Wav000026

14 days
PLN3,485.00 net PLN4,286.55 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Video player

Catalogue index: Wav000025

14 days
PLN2,977.00 net PLN3,661.71 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

IR Pad

Infrared motion sensor

Catalogue index: Wav000019

14 days
PLN388.00 net PLN477.24 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Vibro Glass 2

Transducer for glass, 50W

Catalogue index: Wav000015

PLN589.00 net PLN724.47 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Vibro Glass 1

Transducer for glass, 30W

Catalogue index: Wav000003

14 days
PLN484.00 net PLN595.32 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Mono Earphone

Audio headset to be held close to the ear

Catalogue index: Wav000018

14 days
PLN1,006.00 net PLN1,237.38 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

NanoPlayer Box+

Audio player

Catalogue index: Wav000017

PLN1,644.00 net PLN2,022.12 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Extension board for Waves System Player

Catalogue index: Wav000014

PLN440.00 net PLN541.20 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

Front face (SR4)

Cover cap for 19" shelves - 1/3 width

Catalogue index: Wav000009

14 days
PLN75.00 net PLN92.25 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Capacitive switch

Catalogue index: Wav000004

14 days
PLN514.00 net PLN632.22 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Transducer to transform the cardboard into a loudspeaker

Catalogue index: Wav000002

14 days
PLN335.00 net PLN412.05 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.

MicroPlayer MkIII+

interactive and amplified audio player

Catalogue index: Wav000001

14 days
PLN1,898.00 net PLN2,334.54 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Message Repeater

Catalogue index: RDL000629

7 days
PLN2,508.00 net PLN3,084.84 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.