Converters and separators

Converters are devices that allow audio signals to be symmetrised and desymmetrised, as well as changing digital to analogue and analogue to digital signals. This allows signals to be connected to each other and transferred between devices that were not originally designed to do so. Signal conversion offers the possibility of connecting newer devices with those in older technology.

Separators allow audio signals to be separated, while combiners combine several signals into one. In the case of a stereo signal, it is possible to split it into 2 mono signals. It is also possible to split a single input signal into several outputs. With a combiner, it is possible to combine a stereo signal into a mono signal, or to sum several signals into one.

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Converters and separators
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Line-Level Audio Divider/Combiner with Ground Lift

Catalogue index: RDL000060

7 days
PLN1,860.00 net PLN2,287.80 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Dual Audio Converter - Balanced to Unbalanced

Catalogue index: RDL000925

7 days
PLN909.00 net PLN1,118.07 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Audio Converter - Balanced to Unbalanced

Catalogue index: RDL000924

7 days
PLN762.00 net PLN937.26 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Passive Audio Divider and Combiner

Catalogue index: RDL000899

7 days
PLN479.00 net PLN589.17 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Passive Audio Divider/Combiner - 10 kΩ

Catalogue index: RDL000897

PLN482.00 net PLN592.86 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Dual High Gain Line Amplifiers

Catalogue index: RDL000896

7 days
PLN1,341.00 net PLN1,649.43 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Audio Line Amplifier - Mono: -14 to 14 dB Gain

Catalogue index: RDL000895

7 days
PLN934.00 net PLN1,148.82 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Dual Balanced/Unbalanced Line Amplifier -12 to 20 dB Gain

Catalogue index: RDL000894

7 days
PLN1,278.00 net PLN1,571.94 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Unbalanced to Balanced Amplifier - 2 channel

Catalogue index: RDL000888

7 days
PLN1,320.00 net PLN1,623.60 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Gated Line Amplifier - Noise Gate

Catalogue index: RDL000856

7 days
PLN1,040.00 net PLN1,279.20 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Gain Control Amplifier - Line Level

Catalogue index: RDL000855

7 days
PLN1,090.00 net PLN1,340.70 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Stereo Audio Format Converter

Catalogue index: RDL000761

7 days
PLN2,557.00 net PLN3,145.11 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


RS-232/422 Serial Converter (Full-Duplex)

Catalogue index: RDL000073

7 days
PLN1,626.00 net PLN1,999.98 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Universal Digital Audio Converter - AES/EBU, coaxial or optical S/PDIF, AES-3ID

Catalogue index: RDL000071

7 days
PLN4,234.00 net PLN5,207.82 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Digital to Analog Converter - 24 bit 192 kHz

Catalogue index: RDL000068

7 days
PLN4,105.00 net PLN5,049.15 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Analog to Digital Audio Converter

Catalogue index: RDL000067

7 days
PLN5,355.00 net PLN6,586.65 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Unbalanced to Balanced Converter - 6 Channel

Catalogue index: RDL000045

7 days
PLN3,256.00 net PLN4,004.88 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Unbalanced to Balanced Converter - 2 Channel

Catalogue index: RDL000044

7 days
PLN1,518.00 net PLN1,867.14 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Balanced to Unbalanced Converter - 2 channel

Catalogue index: RDL000043

7 days
PLN1,514.00 net PLN1,862.22 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier - 1x4

Catalogue index: RDL000017

7 days
PLN1,164.00 net PLN1,431.72 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.


Divider/combiner passive, 150Ω

Catalogue index: RDL000126

7 days
PLN478.00 net PLN587.94 gross incl. 23% VAT / szt.