Contacta is a British manufacturer of microphones and speakers for checkout windows - checkout intercoms, perfect for customer service points of offices and various institutions. The models offered by Contacta can be equipped with induction loops, which facilitate communication for the hearing impaired.

Intercoms with induction loops are a solution that allows hard of hearing or hearing-impaired people to easily understand any conversation. Window induction loops assist in communication with people with hearing aids, ensuring that both parties are comfortable even when they are separated by a glass or other security partition.

Intercoms always come in two-way (full duplex) versions. The devices are available in a variety of design and mounting options. The microphones and speakers on the customer's side have the option of mounting on the countertop or recessed and flush with the surface. Microphones can be glued to the glass or mounted in a suitably curved tube.

The Contacta brand also specializes in assistive listening systems equipped with area induction loops. The manufacturer offers amplifiers (drivers) of various wattages, for installation in facilities with different areas.

Contacta's catalog includes wireless assistive listening systems, which are ideal as simultaneous interpretation systems, systems for guided tours (tourguide) or assistive listening systems -  equipped with headphones or individual induction loops.

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